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I had never thought about it as a book, but my agent said, 'I think we have a book here.'" The book ends before Groupon's stock fell to less than half of its initial stock offering.

Sennett said he wasn't aware during his reporting of the problems Groupon had in its financial controls that spurred the slip in price. In three years, it could be the darlings of everybody," Sennett said.

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"What happened, I think, once they announced the weakness in the financial controls, it spooked investors about how solid the business was. Now they have them better in order, they’re taking it very seriously.

They came very close to profitability in the first quarter, so I think we may very well be looking at a sustainable business." Sennett will be at a book readng and signing Thursday night at pm at After-Wrods Bookstore, on 23 East Illinois Ave.

There they met with Stephanie Tilenius, Google’s head of commerce, and Margo Georgiadis, VP of global sales.

Everyone left the session feeling good about a potential team- up.

They left with Mason, product VP David Jesse, senior VP of global operations Nick Cioffi , and Lefkofsky’s investment partner (and fellow Groupon co- founder) Brad Keywell that afternoon in a chartered jet from Chicago’s Midway Airport to San Jose.

Even gaining two hours heading west, they didn’t arrive at the Googleplex until after P. Mason, Lefkofsky, and Solomon were quickly shown to Arora’s office, where they were joined by Web godfather Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO at the time and now the company’s executive chairman, along with Page (who took back the CEO reins from Schmidt two months later), and deal architect David Drummond, Google’s senior VP of corporate development. Mason at that point was seven years out of Northwestern University, where he had majored in music.

Solomon also had been around the block a few times: Now in his early forties, he had enjoyed a six- year run growing revenues as the head of Yahoo! An easygoing, well- liked, shaggy- haired former Berkeley water polo player who knows his way around a surfboard, he moved to travel start- up Side Step as president and CEO in 2006, overseeing its sale the next year to rival Kayak for 0 million, and then served a stint at VC firm Technology Crossover Ventures.

Still, this was a plunge into the deep end of the pool for all of them.

Andrew Mason, the inexperienced CEO hiding a brilliant analytical mind behind a goofball demeanor, turned thirty on October 22 in the midst of dismissing Yahoo! A few weeks later, Google came calling, contacting Groupon via Allen & Company, one of the investment banks Groupon was working with.

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