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Researchers have linked this gender difference to women's earlier age at marriage, although cultural and economic factors also play a role.For men in other living arrangements, 9 percent were unemployed and 41 percent had never gone to college.From these figures, it's clear that men's economic prospects play an important role in their decision to leave the nest.

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For those in other living arrangements, 8 percent were unemployed and 32 percent had not gone to college.

The similar profile of the two groups suggests that non-economic factors may play a more important role in women's decisions to live with their parents, compared with their male counterparts.

Regardless of future economic trends, the growing racial/ethnic diversity of young adults in the United States is expected to contribute to more complex living arrangements in the future.

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Since 2007, Latino men have experienced the largest jump in young men living at home—an 8-percentage-point increase in just four years.

At the state level, New York has the highest proportion of young men living with their parents (21 percent), followed by New Jersey and Hawaii (19 percent each).But by 2011, the difference between men's and women's rates had grown to 8.9 percentage points, the largest gender gap in at least 50 years.Young men are now nearly twice as likely as women to live with their parents.The high cost of living in these states undoubtedly plays an important role in young adults' decisions to live at home.New York also had the largest gap between men and women living in their parents' homes.What explains the divergence in men's and women's living arrangements?

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