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I have just entered my hotel room and I was very upset for some reason I can't remember why now because as soon as I rolled my suitcase into the room and it dropped to the floor I fell over it and landed on us shirt corner of one of the glass desks in the room-right in between my legs a straight shot to the crotch so while I may not know what it feels like to have balls and women are now what it feels like to be kicked in them I dunno undeniably unexplainable amount of pain I was in when I bruised the bone of my pelvis holyshit the pain wasn't even the worst part it was my pride being bruised all to hell as I crawled over to my hotel room phone and yelled into the phone that I needed 911 (for what?

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Despite coming from opposite sides of the world and living in opposite ends of France, they still made it work!

The following month Andrea kindly contacted me again...

Finding dates in a large country like France is difficult unless it is on-line.

Last summer, when the site first came online, we signed up for a month each with little expectation.

France is a big place, but it can seem a lot smaller when you know you have friends in and around the regions.

We are an independent, privately owned and run dating site here in France and everyone is important to us.

Join up and take a look around, search broad and narrow, check out everyone on site.

You will find other expats in France sharing the same experiences as you, the same challenges as you and the same language as you.

After emails and long phone conversations, we met in the middle.

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