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This was before it was common for everyone to have a cellphone, Brandie didn't have one, and I didn't have Levi's home phone number.I realized that was not a good move in case he never showed up on line, I wouldn't be able to call him to see what was going on.I wasn't one of those guys, who got off on loaning my wife out for her to go out on solo dates with men and then come home to tell me about it.

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My wife Brandie, and I, had known Levi for more than a year and had threesomes with Levi many times.

One of the things that Levi had asked of me, was that one day I let him take Brandie to his place, which was about 200 miles from where we lived, and have her all to himself for a weekend.

So, early one Saturday afternoon, Brandie put an overnight bag in her car and left for the three and half hour drive to Levi's.

She would probably get there about four in the afternoon.

She said, "I heard you two talking about me." I said, "Yeah, but it wasn't anything bad.

We were just talking about you sucking Levi's dick." She said, "Like I've never done that before?

My wife, Brandie, and I, have enjoyed the "HOT Wifing" lifestyle for many years.

But our thing, (or maybe I should say, my thing), was all about sharing her with other men, in male-female-male threesomes, with me being one of the men.

I had to wipe my leather couch off when we were done though." "And she gave you a blow job before ya went to eat too? I told her not to get any of it on her pretty blouse or she wouldn't be able to wear it to dinner.

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