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Dack left the house twice - to sell the telly to a pal and then to take drugs with the friend - both times returning to Mrs Bell's house to make more calls to chatlines.A post mortem could not establish the exact time of death raising the possibility she may have been alive during some of the time he was calling Babestation.James opens up about his sex addiction — as well as his rise to fame and spiral into depression — in his new autobiography Back To The Boy, featured exclusively in The Sun on Sunday.

He had been on the sick from his job with his own family's asbestos firm and was skint when he went to her house to borrow £10.

He returned a week later on April 2 last year with a view to taking more cash and attacked Mrs Bell before ransacking her house.

"The caller spoke during two of the telephone calls.

You will hear evidence from an expert in voice analysis who has compared Gareth Dack's voice to that of the caller to the television station.

"Gareth Dack brutally murdered our mother in the place she should have been safest and then burnt out the family home destroying everything she had for a few quid to feed his drug habit and his actions have left us all in pieces." Chief superintendent Alistair Simpson, of Cleveland Police, who led the investigation, said: "Gareth Dack was an immature man who refused to accept responsibility for anything he has done.

"Thankfully he will now be held to account for his crimes but nothing will bring Norma back for her family, I can only hope this conviction will bring them some kind of comfort.

Her clothing had been cut and pushed down, although there was no evidence she had suffered a sexual assault.

Prosecutor Christopher Tehrani, QC, told the jury during the three-week trial: "Between just before midnight and 05.30am on April 3 someone used the telephone landline at Mrs Bell's home to phone soft-porn television service where customers may talk to scantily clad ladies while they watch them on the television.

Police fear she may have regained consciousness triggering a second attack from the brute which killed her.

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