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In addition, the native 30 arc-second resolution data were aggregated to four lower resolutions (2.5 arc-minute, 15 arc-minute, 30 arc-minute, and 1 degree) to enable faster global processing and support of research communities that conduct analyses at these resolutions (Table 1).

All of these resolutions are available in ASCII and Geo Tiff format.

"We're putting very powerful tools in the hands of children who don't have a frame of reference on how they should be used," he said.

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For this latest release, eight data sets originally released in July 2016 with version 4 have been updated, and a ninth data set, on basic demographic characteristics (age and sex), has been added.

The nine data sets, collectively referred to as the Revision 10 (or v4.10) data sets, incorporate boundary or population updates for 65 countries, additional attributes in the centroids and national identifier data sets, an updated water mask which includes more recent glacier data and local water data sources for high latitude countries, and additional format and resolution options.

Since the release of the first version of this global population surface in 1995, the essential inputs to GPW have been population census tables and corresponding geographic boundaries.

The purpose of GPW is to provide a spatially disaggregated population layer that is compatible with data sets from social, economic, and Earth science disciplines, and remote sensing.

In addition, rasters are available for basic demographic characteristics (age and sex), data quality indicators, and land and water areas.

A vector data set of the center point locations (centroids) for each of the input administrative units and a raster of national level numeric identifiers are included in the collection to share information about the input data layers.Also, consider scouring a room for hidden cameras or recording devices before getting down to business, she said. "It has a psychological effect because it's hard to believe you can't actually control this behavior in another person," Wyatt said."Once it's out, you can't get it back." Lane said that as a graduating senior at a school like Duke, the woman should have known that even e-mailing a few friends with something so salacious could spread quickly. Lane said mobile phone use in the United States often begins at about 10 years old.Many people, especially younger ones, may not realize how quickly juicy tidbits can spread and how impossible they are to take back.Wyatt suggests discussing with your significant other beforehand about how open you'd like to be with your relationship."Regular verbal rumors can be really strong -- on some level it doesn't seem that different whether it's something written on a bathroom wall or talked about in school," said Rebecca Jeschke, spokeswoman for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She told Jezebel magazine that fraternities and other men make similar lists about women all the time, but that she never meant to make hers public. I would never intentionally hurt the people that are mentioned on that," she told the magazine. I think people have come to expect that they can talk about sex online, and that that's appropriate.

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