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Water flushes toxins from your system, regulates body temp, acts as an insulator for joints, prevents kidney stones, and supplies the body with a raft of crucial minerals, says Marietta Amatangelo, R. "Without water, none of the other super-foods would matter." Although water helps in every way, it may be at its most powerful when it comes to weight loss.

Drinking a glass or two of water a half hour or so before mealtime, for example, can help take the edge off your hunger.

Although they're also loaded with healthy unsaturated fats, some guys avoid them because they're so calorie-dense. To work more almonds into your diet, try keeping a bag of dry-roasted or lightly seasoned almonds in your desk drawer at work-and snack on a handful rather than hitting the vending machine.

That means building your diet around the most potent, nutrient-dense, disease-fighting, muscle-growing foods around. First, we polled 40 of the country's most respected health experts—registered dietitians, college nutrition professors, and authors—asking them each: What are the 20 most important foods every guy should include in his diet for maximum fitness?

Then, as the results rolled in, we ranked our experts' recommendations.

"It's also got a ton of amino acids, and there are little or no saturated fats," says Elizabeth Ward, M. In fact, studies show that replacing two tablespoons of saturated fat (found in butter and lard) with monounsaturated fat may reduce the risk of heart disease. A study in the journal reports that olive oil also has potent anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can help reduce pain and swelling just like a dose of ibuprofen. Here's why: Eggs contain a heavy-hitting 4 grams of pure muscle-building amino acids inside every shell, in addition to boasting some of the highest naturally available doses around of a vitamin called choline, which is thought to help enhance memory.

In addition to cooking with olive oil and using it as a dressing for your salad, you can get even more in your diet by mixing a tablespoon or two into your daily protein shake. "They're the gold standard in terms of providing all the right nutrients for muscle growth," says Ward.

We not only tell you which foods made the list, but how much of each you should eat on a weekly basis.

So read on to see how you can make your diet more fit.

They're also one of the best foods for muscle recovery after a tough workout, says California sports nutritionist Kim Mueller, R. And there are more ways to eat them than just baked, boiled, or topped with marshmallows.

Try stirring cooked, diced sweet potato into chili or your favorite potato-salad recipe.

If you don't like tofu and soy milk-there are easy ways to boost your soy intake.

Soy nuts and the soy protein used in some protein shakes and bars not only taste great but are very guy-friendly.

It may only look brown because it's colored with molasses.

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