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This policy does not substitute for or supersede related civil and criminal law.It is the policy of the University to strongly encourage individuals to report all incidents and violations to law enforcement officials or agencies with appropriate jurisdiction and to avail themselves of all the services and rights to which they are entitled.A delay in filing a complaint may compromise the subsequent investigation.

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Tangible Employment or Educational Action (quid pro quo): This type of sexual harassment occurs when the terms or conditions of employment, educational benefits, academic grades or opportunities, living environment or participation in a University activity are made an explicit or implicit condition of submission to or rejection of unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, or such submission or rejection is a factor in decisions affecting an individual’s employment, education, living environment, or participation in a University program or activity.

Generally, a person who engages in this type of sexual harassment is an agent or employee with some authority conferred by the University. Hostile Environment: Sexual harassment that creates a hostile environment is based on sex and exists when the harassment: Determining whether conduct creates a hostile environment depends not only on whether the conduct was unwelcome to the person who feels harassed, but also whether a reasonable person in a similar situation would have perceived the conduct as objectively offensive.

Policy Statement The University of Maine System (“the University”) is committed to providing a safe environment which promotes the dignity and worth of each member of the community.

It applies to all University programs and activities, both on campus and off campus, including, but not limited to, instruction, grading, housing, athletics, electronic communication and employment.

The University will respond promptly and effectively to complaints and reports of violations of this policy.

All conduct of this nature is considered a violation of this policy.

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