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Check back Wednesday for a new Super Effective (finally). Tried to get a comic done for Monday before I moved. Also I had a chance to pick up the Vocaloid game (Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA) while I was doing conventions. (alternate link) All is explained about this game by this (funny) video here. I exagerate for comedy sake but, there's probably a reason the majority of waht you saw at E3 was prerecorded and not a live demo. First and foremost with their new handheld system the 3DS. You can check out all the specs over here but, suffice it to say this thing is a beast. I'm just really crossing my fingers for Phoenix Wright. I don't mind the excuse to go back and play this game. It also sports a weekly Multiplayer variation "Mutation".

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Sometimes I'll specifically design a shirt just so I can wear them. Maybe it's just the fact that you're playing with the old team. That is if you can't play one of the MANY games out right now. Finally an oldie but a goodie; Genghis Khan plays Facade. Not too much to check out around the old web but here's a few musical links. Second, think you can't make a 2D side scroller out of Starcraft 2? The dictionary for accepted names is a little wonky but, still fun. We're all in a row at the back just accross from artist alley. Quite possible one of the most visually pleasing episodes of Red vs Blue ever. I just don't see why if you already HAVE Wii Sports why on earth you'd buy it again. This will be the only time I'll be out in Calgary so be sure to stop by! For me the biggest story was the long awaited, and much anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 3 being announced. There are a few confirmed characters including Deadpool. If you like it I strongly urge you to also buy Noitu Love 2.

The other shirt went out of production a while ago but we're brining it back. I must say it's FAR better than the last DLC, The Passing. Realm of the Mad God, a web-based top down action RPG. I couldn't even post these two awesome guest comics from Allan Comic and Mystic Revolution (respectivly) Thanks guys! First is this Bizarre series called Usavich by MTV Japan. Of course I'm the last to mention it but it's a must, Pokémon Apokélypse. Just building up a nice buffer with Super Effective strips. Lastly a neat little name that videogame quiz, Geek Mind. Everything I've been reading so far looks like it might be an MMO I can actually enjoy. Driving down to Hartford for Connecti Con this weekend. They've got a fantastic comic detailing the battle behind Red vs Blue. Gonna be down at AX2010 in LA this weekend aswell with; Snafu, Mystic Revolution, Flip Side, Halolz, and Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged. Lastly a trailer for an absolutely bizarre looking game called "Privates". Not that they're not going to try with this release list. Finally we get teased for some up coming content in The month of cons! Anyhoo, I'll be in Calgary this weekend for a meet and greet at Otafest. (The answer is yes.)A couple points of interest that happened over the past month. Kind of a what if Zelda was an action sidescroller. It's a free download and I highly recommend getting it.

Hey remember that game you guys help Kickstart a while back? It's got that Viewtiful Joe feel to it's humor and artstyle, and well, simply fun to play. Nintendo DOES need to look into its pricing structure and take advantage of what it has in place. Here's some stuff to check out: J-Stars VS Victory Trailer, Guy hunts down a Day Z streamer, Super Smash on Titan, and to a lesser extent, but still awesome. A few of the images in the background are from here and here. : P On a completely unrelated note, friend of mine Josh did this video explaining a career in art/creative fields. Lastly the Batman Arkham Asylum demo is out and it's Hey guess what! I've always enjoyed going to this con and you'd really be silly not to go this year. I'll put "Updated Mondays" Back in the title bar when I can keep this up. (Yes she really does look like that) Here are a few videos to check out. Also the Green Lantern: First Flight came out on DVD today.

It's just such a shame the Wii U is doing so poorly at the moment. Poor marketing, poor name choice, lack of software a YEAR later. It's a great system I'd hate to see die and would hope it does better this year. Very worth a look if you're ever feeling bummed out while following this path or, if you feel like it's something you might want to follow. I forgot it was a long weekend and we ended up getting really stuck at the boarder. Drive a foot, break, park, wait for 10 minutes, repeat. Tons of new comic guests this time around that are usually west cost. The last chapter in RDCCDX: Digital Pirates of Dark Water Saga, The Book of Eli Trailer (Basically Fallout the movie), Iron man the anime and Wolverine the anime.... It's definitely got that Justice League feel to it and hell, better than any other movie that'll come out And oh hey, TRON.

Not just with the bandages but, their tropes are a bit familiar. The other game is one of the most depressing games I've ever played in my life, One Chance. Then this this oldie but a goodie, Super Mario Frustration. Lastly here's a few awesome AWESOME videos; Ryu Then and Now, Dudley Orders Fast Food, Blanka Makes Pound Cake, and of course the inevitable remix of Pound Cake. Just to clarify, I do actually love both DS9 and TNG (and Voyager). As well your character class plays a bigger role than the first. I mean you can play it without playing the first but, you're missing so much. To help that along here's an awesome guest comic from the guys at GG Guys. For now here's one of the greatest animations ever. You can catch my Panel on Saturday at 3pm in Panel Room 1. Come one come all Also "GAMER" coming this summer to a theater near you. It's your basic Tower Defense game but here's the twist... Keeps you from getting bored with by introducing new units and modes of play. The amount unlockables and mini-games in this package is staggering. So much to prepare for before a Con and this comic is taking ages to finish.

Anyway though I hope this keeps the franchise going. First aneat Game/Tech demo based on moving object to create a forced perpective. Like Kongregate's game, You Only Live Once, you've only got one shot to play it through. I just like writing comics where it's the two of them talking. With each having a particular skill that sets them apart from the other. Aside from that this game has better characters, better story, and just better everything. I know it's a while after Christmas but I really wanted to get this thing finished. As well an amazing fan made campaign released, Heaven Can Wait. As well clever writing and visuals just bring the whole experience together. Edit: You know the more I think about this video getting leaked, the more I think we got trolled by Valve. What better way to release it Edit EDIT: So they offically released the video. Probably not going to be time to work on it again until Wednesday... Pokemon The Next NEXT Generation, Luigi's Ballad by Starbomb, Trevor In Real Life, BUTTFACE Mc FARTSALOT, Dodge Adventure, Malfunctioning Eddie(SFM), and The Turntable Turnabout. This list makes up a good 90% of my ipod (thre rest being weeaboo). As well the teaser for Batman : Arkham City just hit. Of course this is all cutscenes (which are spectacularly animated) but damn, I'm a sucker for detective stories. New comic should be up either late today or tomorrow. I'll have the last bit of this printing run of Super Effective books. Zombies, archer skeletons, spiders, and of course creepers. It takes place about two years after the events in the first. You're working for Cerberus now and fighting the collectors. Gonna try and get it up tonight (that's what she said? Also here's a few random but awesome youtube vids; Slap slap your troubles away, Lamas with hats, and Unicorn vs. So if you're one of those folks who check the RSS beforehand you might wanna re-read it. Still was but I just said "Fuck it", it needed an update. This film really is a companion to the comic and if you're unfamiliar, you won't appreciate it near as much. Oh and here's the opening sequence to the movie for those who have seen it. Valkyrie Profile DS is coming out this month so we're all running a little contest for one lucky person to win some awesome stuff. In the mean time we have five, FIVE new VG Cats AWNNs! #306 They Are A-Changin' #311 Dress Rehearsal #294 They'll Fix You. #183 Gin City Now here's some other cool shit to check out. The list of performers this year include The Protomen, Minibosses, Year 200X, The One Ups, The Megas, Armcannon, This Place Is Haunted, Metroid Metal, Bit Brigade The X Hunters, Rare Candy, Entertainment System, and brentalfloss. Metroid the other M, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby Epic Yarn, Zelda Skyward Sword and GOLDEN FUCKING EYE. Rather than drone on any longer, here's a list of other great games seen this show: In all a great show but, not without it's VERY awkward moments. Mortal Kombat Rebirth 2010 trailer, TF2 for the Mac (with a fun little video and comic), and one of the most bitching Mass Effect 2 costumes. During the day everything is peaceful but at night? I'll try not to go on too long but, I really have to express the total enjoyment I got from Mass Effect 2. Got the comic all sketched out finally and moving on to inking. The Offical Bandai Entertainment Channel has the first season of Code Geass up for watching. I FINALLY got to seeing this series after everyone was telling me how good it was. The high school stuff makes me cringe at times but the series is really quite awesome. Here's a fun little time killing game, Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar. While moving I lost the script and have been piecing it back together. Also uploaded it with missing text just now, since corrected. I just got in a HUGE fucking block with that strip for a while. Edit Tuesday, April 21, 2009: Oh yeah there was a new Super Effective updated on Saturday. A word of warning though if you've never read the book. Now to find where the hell we packed our copy so I can read it again. Lots of other people will be down there too; Penny Arcade, Mystic Revolution, and Snafu to name a few. Nothing like working on a Christmas comic AFTER Christmas. Everyone who has ever used the Idler program now has all their items removed. Been meaning to use this comic for like two years now. Second is Monkey Island : Special Edition out on XBLA and Steam. In addition to the new art the game is also entirely voiced and, voiced VERY well. Oh well, still working at it but it should be done soon. So naturally people used Idlers to cheat their way to a hat. For for us who haven't cheated, we get a fancy Halos (not that Halolz). Also if you haven't heard already, Disney bought Marvel. I've always loved this series but it is hard to get people into it considering the first game is so old. If that isn't your cup of tea you can always switch to the old version on the fly. A shining piece of gaming in an otherwise crapfest of a press conference. LINK ROUND UP TIME : An adorable animation called Moses Supposes, Biofeedback horror game that gets worse the more scared you are, Super Mario 500 point run... Also I just want to take a moment to mention of absolutely awesome Wonderful 101 is. I GAME DOGZ (spoof), Dragon Age "DLC" Trailer, Megaman 10 Easy Mode, and Zelda II by The Adventures of Dn B. Planned to get this comic done last year but found I didn't have the time. It's the first fan made map to have a (make-shift) gauntlet event. Or just watch this Smash Bros 64 Intro with the Team Fortress Guys.

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