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Zagreb Pride emphasized that they nominated her because she uncovered that sex-ed is based on pedophilia.

In response, Kristo wrote an open letter demanding to know why an organization, which promotes itself as a gay-organization, felt attacked if somebody researches pedophilia as a crime?

“The fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is one of the key priorities of France’s policy of human rights protection, which was why the French Embassy was proud to support the publishing of the picture book.” The coordinator of the Rainbow Families Association, Daniel Martinovic, said the demand for the first run of the book was unexpected.

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Karolina Vidovic Kristo, a respected Croatian television journalist employed with the state public broadcaster, was recently in Canada to talk about how she led the fight against sex education in her country by exposing Alfred Kinsey, his research, and its aftermath.

Kinsey was an American biologist, and later sexologist, who founded The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.

The internet before Christmas reacted with outrage to a children’s book which depicts Santa as a gay, married black man.

The book, ‘Santa’s Husband’ created by writer Daniel Kibblesmith and his then-fiancée, author Jennifer Wright, describes the story as a “fresh new twist” on the traditional story of Santa Clause.

“I had three kids in primary school, and when I attended parents council meetings, 90 per cent were against sex-ed, and 10 percent were for it,” she recently told a Toronto audience.

“However, all of these parents could neither explain nor defend their positions.

The Association said the book has already sold out.

A statement from an advisor at the French Embassy, Guillaume Colin, reads: “We are confident that it is worth fighting for tolerance and respect for diversity, which are at the core of our shared European values.

This is because they got to know the truth and stood out to protect those who cannot protect themselves – the children.” Soon, Kristo found friends and allies across the globe, and across faiths: American Kinsey expert Judith Reisman, who has published several books, papers, and movies on Kinsey’s pedophilic and fraudulent research, and Timothy Tate, an agnostic and left-leaning liberal, who produced and directed .

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