Schizophrenia dating site

I have had girlfriends before and have turned to internet dating because it has been a while since I have been with someone. Sincerely Greg Grey Greg - I've had schizophrenia since i was a kid.

'You should know right from the start, I have a mental health issue.

If that's a show stopper for you, let's be honest right now and go our separate ways. I have some limitations, but I'm still a good person, and worth getting to know'. There's no reason to assume since someone is mentally ill that they will be a good match or be sympathetic to your situation!

I've found that most girls don't give a hoot if they see that you're normal... I would definitely be honest though once you have dated for awhile- I think you will find most people do not see it as a negative and can understand you better once they know. I've never known anyone with these things diagnosed, but if I were going out with someone for a month or so and this came up I'd probably be quite angry it hadn't been mentioned before.

I know the flip side of it is I'd probably be hesitant to go out with someone since I have no experience with one difficult question.

I'd say tell anyone you feel you'd like to keep on seeing.

If you don't tell them, they may be offended or feel you're being dishonest.

I agree with a previous poster's response that if the person acts healthy and the person with schizophrenia tells her about it when it's definite that they like each other- then it will work out fine.

Putting Schizophrenia down on your profile or telling the person immediately after you meet him/her can put you at at risk for being judged on the basis of the disability. Don't mention Schizophrenia until you're really comfortable about the relationship or if you know she's also mentally ill herself.

It's impossible to imagine how mental health problems would interfere with a casual date or meeting. There's no reason it would affect going to get a cup of coffee or having a nice meal at a restaurant. We've agreed to have a relationship that doesn't involve intimacy. There's no reason to ASSUME mental illness would cause a problem for a deeper relationship either. Often if the person is willing to make a few adjustments the relationship can go on quite well.

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