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A printable simplified alpha spreadsheet of key providers, and smaller who wish to use our directory to get their word out, is in the HPKCC Youth Programs Database from Annual IMPACT YOUTH A Journey Toward Peace Conference (May 13-14th, -4 both days) IMPACT YOUTH 2016 is the PEACE HUB’s 2nd Annual conference designed specifically for youth and youth advocates.

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Most can be found’s Cultural and Arts Directory, Collaborers in the Community, Community Nonprofits, Community Resources, Good Neighbors/Volunteer Opportunities, Helpline, Schools, Parents and Educators' Resources, and Faith Communities directories. A challenge grant from the Elizabeth Louise (Betty Lou) Smith Fund at the Chicago Community Trust of $25,000 made it possible for HPNC to initiate the scholarship fund. Workshop topics will include: Trauma 101, Adultism, Youth Development, Gangs, Mindfulness, Social Media, Youth Program Quality (presented by youth), Teen Dating Violence, and more. Arts Public Life, in partnership with After School Matters, offer apprenticeships and internships to local teens.

Since the initial deposit, HPNC has brought in over $25,000, which puts more $50,000 in the scholarship reserve. Apprenticeships are hands-on programs led by expert industry professionals, where participants learn skills in a particular field.

A new CPS guide to integrating the arts (including social studies and sciences) into the curriculum and creating full engagement with arts program providers was released as of October 23.

It was announced at, inter alia, the HPKCC Schools Committee September 29 2009 Networking Dinner for Schools and LSCs. It's called the "Chicago Guide for Teaching and Learning in the arts." Get also Options for Knowledge annual guide and the annual High School Directory.

We wanted to announce our upcoming informational sessions for the last week of April, and our first prior deadline. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Associate Director, a Ms. In addition, interested students can email, fax, and/or mail-in their applications.

We’re more than happy to assist any interested applicants with their application. Develop your skills in the arts, communications, science, sports and technology.

(School applications for these schools and programs are due 3rd Friday in December)- contact the Office of Academic Enhancement, 773 553-2060,

Project Exploration's (vitae below) "Discover Your Summer", with a host of nationwide camp, internship or jobs learning opportunities for youth:

Visit a Report on the March 28, 2007 Schools Committee forum, After School Partners- from the April 2007 Conference Reporter- in the After School Providers Forum and follow up page. Visit a Report on how the programs in this page can fit into a Assets/Promises-building area coalition (note that such is being built for other neighborhoods)., which has links to other such databases. And to see and link to a study of what global assets or abilities youth need to acquire and conditions needed to achieve them-- and how many kids have or don't have these, visit Assets Building, Promises, and Education Resources page- click Search-Institute-Promises.

See also in Assets Building Proposal, Promises Programs. Education Resources page and our descriptive Schools and education providers Directory.

By developing skills in carpentry, landscaping, and design, DAP leaders will aid in the positive transformation of Washington Park, Woodlawn and the Garfield Boulevard corridor.

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