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She's some kind of demon or monster, sort of undefined, whose mission in life becomes attacking teenage boys.Her image gives her a valuable weapon in satiating her unwholesome appetites. Why do characters always enter creepy empty houses and feel their way in the dark, when they should stand outside on the sidewalk and whistle? La alfombra azul de los Teen Choice, premios que los adolescentes entregan a sus cantantes, actores, películas, series y deportistas favoritos, se llenó anoche con las estrellas que hoy triunfan entre los más jóvenes.

After you've seen enough teen thrillers, you begin to appreciate these distinctions. How quickly times change.) Fox is also famous for her many tattoos, but in researching that aspect of her image, I made an encouraging discovery. Plus, so far, there are no tiresome rumors about booze and drugs.

Let's put it this way: I'd rather see “Jennifer's Body” again than “Twilight.”Megan Fox is an interesting case. Fox did her career a lot of good with the two “Transformer” movies, but this is her first chance to really perform, and you know what? She has your obligatory projectile vomiting scene and somehow survives it, she plays the role straight, and she looks great in a blood-drenched dress with her hair all straggly. The film is directed by Karyn Kusama, who in the splendid “Girlfight” (2000), introduced Michelle Rodriguez.

La cantante Katy Perry actuó durante la gala, celebrada en el Anfiteatro Gibson de Los Ángeles, y ejerció de maestra de ceremonias sorprendiendo con peculiares y llamativos atuendos.

Disfrazada de gótica o de adolescente pardilla, la artista hizo las delicias de los presentes en cada una de sus apariciones sobre el escenario.

This isn't your assembly-line teen horror thriller.

The portraits of Jennifer and Needy are a little too knowing, the dialogue is a little too off-center, the developments are a little too quirky. But Megan Fox has a tattoo that quotes “King Lear”: “We will laugh at gilded butterflies.” How cool is that?

Jennifer is the hottest and most popular babe in school, and Needy is — well, needy. Boys lust after her, she's the head cheerleader, and maybe it does her ego good to have needy Needy trailing along.

But then she's transformed into, not a vampire exactly, although she does go for after throats with bared teeth.

gris, pantalones de cuero y zapatos con altos tacones, Bullock confesó que aunque “ha pasado un tiempo desde que era adolescente”, se siente “bendecida y con suerte”.

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