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Many times verbal abuse is a ground for one person to get a restraining order on the other person. Some but not all qualify in Rhode Island as being a domestic relationship.

Examples of these relationships are: Parents, siblings, wives, husbands, siblings, children, anyone who lives in the same household as you which can include room mates.

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The no contact order is exactly that, you CANNOT contact that person in any way.

If you do, you will be subject to a new charge and bail can be revoked.

Police should speak to both sides and any witnesses who were present.

If there is a domestic disturbance of any sort and police arrive on scene, one or more people may be arrested.

They can arrest a defendant even when the victim does not want the person arrested.

The arrest can be made without a warrant if it is within 24 hours of when the crime occurred; after that a warrant is required. Verbal abuse is considered domestic violence but it all depends on what was said in order to determine if the abuse is a crime.

I have had many clients in this situation and what I always do is investigate the situation and the incident myself.

Speak with witnesses, review statements from the complaining witness and anyone else.

It is up to the State or town to prove each and every element beyond a reasonable doubt.

You have the right to hire an attorney and fight to get the charges dismissed.

There more serious the offense the harsher the penalties.

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