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The story of the Flood explains much of what may have happened.The story of the Tower of Babel - a real building/temple whose foundations have been found in modern-day Iraq - tell of a people acting in 'one accord', i.e., with one knowledge and language combined.However, some of the structures we see here - like these that slayer so brilliantly laid out for us to see - which appear to have been destroyed (as reportedly rumored) by a FLOOD.

But then again mind over mater should not be overlooked.

One thing I would like to mention is that carbon 14 dating is not a reliable method of dating anymore.

And I think we can look at Genesis chapter 6 to find that flood explained. The "documentary" linked to is a production of the only ancient alien magazine I know of on the market - "Legendary Times." ("Atlantis Rising" isn'tr dedicated to Ancient Astronauts.) It is, in fact, a television program paid for in part by that rag. She then announced plans to do DNA analyses of the Pericu, saying that she thought the result "would be a scientific bomb". A second wave of American settlers, the ancestors of present-day Native Americans, immigrated from northeastern Asia a mere several thousand years ago, Gonzalez-Jose's group concludes in the Sept. Originally posted by BRITWARRIOR Why is it with all these ancient sites there is always a copycat site nearby trying to back engineer, with craftsmen ship which is very much what we would have expected for that time period, or what they "should" have been capable of back then, we don't even have cranes today that could lift most of these stones crane in use today in the world.

The diorite thing is nowhere even near the worst or stupidest lie told on that farce crockumentary. Unfortunately, until early 2007, the bomb has failed to go off and all parties (pros as well as cons) are left standing aroundwith their quarrels stopped in mid-argument, waiting for the lady. I realize the claim is a common one and that you're likely just repeating what you read somewhere.

I have to say in the Peru area which is the main focus of the thread obviously.

I am smack dab on the middle of the fence on the subject you said not to talk about. You just cannot jump to any conclusion on that aspect.

The difference between the rough cut and precise cut pieces was a great addition to your OP. This 'rock' what we now call rock, could have been Clay 5,000-15,000 years ago making it more than simple to make designs in.

The only thing I see in this line of thought is, the precise measurements they used; measurements that are still present in the 'stone' slabs which standout like a sore thumb~!

And though most of civilization and building, cities, etc.

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