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“People forgot it was only an unproven hypothesis.” A growing body of evidence has prompted scientists to challenge that assumption.

A scattering of sites from South America to Oklahoma have found evidence of a human presence before 13,000 years ago — or the first Clovis sites — since the discovery of human artifacts in a cave near Clovis, New Mexico, in 1936.

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Archaeologists say a site in South Carolina may rewrite the history of how the Americas were settled by pushing back the date of human settlement thousands of years.

But their interpretation is already igniting controversy among scientists.

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“You almost have to hope for instantaneous expansion …

We’re talking about a very rapid movement of people around the globe.” Schurr said that conclusive evidence of stone tools similar to those in Asia and uncontaminated radiocarbon dating samples are needed to verify that the Topper site is actually 50,000 years old.

To help you reach an informed conclusion on this important matter, we've come up with a handy comparison chart. Sorry, @mrskutcher, but you're not going to lose that title easily.

By Marsha Walton and Michael Coren CNN Thursday, November 18, 2004 Posted: PM EST (2212 GMT) The location of the Topper site on the Savannah River.

Placing of the pre Clovis artifacts at Topper (in red).

But whether the Topper site proves valid, Collins said most archeologists now believe people settled in America before 13,000 years ago, refuting a theory that has held sway for 75 years.

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