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Hamatic blood is the blood of the Negroid, since Ham (Shemites) were of the dark seed which were forbidden to interbreed with the Canaanites.The word “Ham” translates as “black” in biblical Aramaic.

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In Monte’ Alban, 140 Negroid type figures have been discovered.

Upon archeological research, there is no logical denying of the ‘negroidness’ found in the art of ancient America.

The new discoveries were even more mysterious for the colossal heads continued to turn up even earlier dates.

Four heads in all were excavated at the city of La Venta with the largest head standing nine feet tall. The monoliths of La Venta was dated and placed in the Archaic period which proved the existence of a civilization in Meso-America thousands of years before organized monotheistic religions.

The archeologists are not in agreement with the identity of these inhabitants, or more correctly have denied indisputable truth of their origin.

However, since the mysterious unearthing of this ancient civilization, one name has surfaced from later transcriptions, the name was, Olmec. Can we speculate that these people of the colossal heads were Asians who crossed the Bearing Strait or Siberian icemen who migrated from Europe?

In regards to the monolith stone heads, they are representations of beings as the earliest civilization of ancient America.

The revelation of this hidden civilization reconstructed the indigenous history that has now been extended to reveal a hidden past.

Ancient Middle America civilization or ‘Meso-America’ antiquity is divided into three epochs: Archaic (before Christ), Classic (during the first thousands years A. Perhaps more staggering than the result of the carbon dating of these stone figures is the apparent construction and proportions of the monoliths.

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