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The sea trenches and ocean floors sunk further down after the flood waters subsided, because of the increased pressure of the water, thus causing the sea levels to rise.

Young earth creationists also believe that many of the mountains, valleys, and lakes we see today were formed by the geological transformations caused by the flood.

Scientists who advocate an old earth regard young earth creationism as being unscientific.

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However, Jeremy Sexton reexamined this hypothesis in 2015 starting the process of returning Old Testament Scholarship to the consensus that held sway since before the coming of Christ (Earth age opinions of prominent Christians - pre-1800‎). The end product is especially remarkable in the light of what is believed to be the starting point: nebulous blobs of gas. The Institute for Creation Research has a notable essay by David Coppedge entitled "Mature at Birth: Universe Discredits Evolution" which cites recent findings which challenge an old universe paradigm.

Young earth creation scientists advance a number of reasons for the earth and universe being approximately 6,000 years old. How the universe made the Milky Way from such simple beginnings is not altogether clear. Anti-creationists often claim that starlight from millions of light years away demonstrates that the Biblical timescale of 6,000 years is in error, as insufficient time has passed for the light from distant stars to reach Earth. Secondly, creationists have proposed a number of explanations for the objection, and although none are yet certain, they claim that it shows that the critics' claims that it cannot be explained are unfounded.

YECs believe that most rocks were laid down in two main episodes.

The first was during the creation week, particularly when God caused the waters of the Earth to gather together into the sea and dry land to appear. The effects of a global watery catastrophe would have been enormous, which would form massive amounts of erosion and sedimentation during a short period of time.

Young earth creationists hold that both creation and the evolutionary position are at root tied to worldviews, and because they are both claims about historical (or prehistorical) events, they depend on untestable assumptions.

At the same time, young earth creation scientists argue that the young universe view is the explanation that best fits the evidence.

Living things had built into them a capacity for variation and adaptation, but within the limits of their kind.

Genetically, in the case of sexually-reproducing species, much of this is due to the information carried on each living thing's DNA being a subset of the parent's DNA, with the subset of information being selected for by the process known as natural selection (described by a creationist before Darwin wrote about it).

YECs believe that most of the world's living things were wiped out by the Great Flood, but that pairs of each kind that could not survive in a flood (i.e.

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