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So it seems strange that so many people keep complaining that they can't find anyone looking for something serious, when most people on these apps are for something serious.

Surely, if it's just a numbers game, dating apps are a great tool?

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But I find that weird because 60 percent of respondents — or more than half— said they looking for something serious.

And other reports point to 13 percent of users becoming married or engaged to someone they met on a dating app.

My guess is that it just means how weird and unnatural the whole thing can feel. But it's the reality now and, at least personally, I found that I got used to it pretty quickly.

Online dating is far from perfect, but I hardly know anyone who's single and hasn't tried it in one form or another.

"Dating apps have the portability factor, so you can use them while you’re on the bus or waiting for an appointment,” New York–based relationship expert and author April Masini tells Bustle.

“Because they’re so easy to use on phones, you can take them with you and use them all over the place.

As an old family friend of mine once said, “Nothin’ gets fixed just by complaining about it,” so this article is here to help put the power in your hands.

Online Dating Problems | Online Dating Solutions We’ll start with the bad news and then give you the good news.

It's good to know if you're finding dating apps frustrating, you're not alone. But I met my girlfriend on Tinder, so I'm not complaining too much.

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