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inpatient admissions from the ED: “Why don’t they reimburse for observation patients’ home meds? “Because that’s what’s delineated in the billing code.” “Who says? Like many clinicians, I am overwhelmed by keeping up with Medicare, billing codes, and revenue.

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They’re spoiled on the day shift.” He perked up, seeing an opportunity for cost cutting. ” When I told him there were four nurses plus a charge nurse and a triage nurse, he concluded that they were overstaffed.

I was quick to remind him that the ED has to be ready for anything 24/7, and staffing must prepare for the inevitable surges, not just the averages.

“I’m going to write a column about dating you and call it ‘Sleeping with the Enemy,’” I announced from my rocking chair. Then, through the universe’s infinite sense of humor, I ended up with one as my boyfriend.

” The rain was falling on the trees in front of my porch and on his parade. Having worked more than ten years of night shifts, I’d rarely talked to administrators, and had minimal understanding of their vantage point.

The reality is individual administrators are good people who empathize with us.

The key to bridging the two sides is communication.

“Look at how many boxes I have to click and how much time I spend looking for the right box,” I said, sitting next to him catching up on charts. He had heard it from many doctors and nurses already, and lamented with us the fact that corporate has deemed it cost-prohibitive to overhaul electronic charting.

I was particularly proud when he told me he suggested that “doctors should have scribes because of how inefficient our EMR is” during an administrative brainstorming session on increasing ED efficiency. One morning as I was catching up on charts and he was analyzing patient care finances, I commented on what I saw on our ED tracker.

“Oh, look, they have three docs, a PA, and only 13 patients.

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