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Two of the album’s most amusing lyrics are found within the third track “Dick In The Air”.

Joined by Margaret Cho, wearing anatomically incorrect, wooly onesies, the accompanying video screams classic in the making.

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– written by Peaches and shot by Robin Thomson – is culled from a 10-date live stage production she presented in her adopted home of Berlin and features songs such as "Set It Off," "Lovertits," "Diddle My Skittle," "I U She," "Shake Yer Dix" and "Fuck the Pain Away."It also features a colorful cast – 18 of whom Peaches flew to Toronto and invited onstage with her after the screening – such as beautiful she-male Danni Daniels, who plays her love interest; Sandy Kane, a.k.a.

the Naked Cowgirl of Times Square, whose talent is putting lit matches in her nipples; the Fatherfucker Dancers; rock duo Jolly Goods; and Peaches' live band, Sweet Machine."This is not a documentary, but it's a way to understand me in a fantastical way," Peaches explains.

At this point in her career, Peaches the pioneer has nothing left to prove to anyone.

She is still giving you the finger, inserting it where the sun don’t shine, and flashing you a shit-eating grin, but on the endlessly entertaining Rub, she seems to be having fun once again while she’s telling you to fuck off.

Peaches starred as a werewolf heroine in his monster movie homage “Lost in a Dream”, and he directed her video for ‘Mud’ off of I Feel Cream.

For a year, the two of them were holed up in the garage of Nisker’s L. home and the outcome is an uncompromising portrait of an artist who is whipping her creative muse into shape.

She has been video recording everything she does since the start of her career.

was originally intended to be another filed-away piece of her life, but "then it turned into a feature." She says if someone wanted to "throw a bunch of money at it and produce it," she would be game to take the stage musical on the road.

Seething with spite, she excoriates her ex with a voice Rostron has modulated down to the point where it sounds like a demon hellbent on gnawing upon the flesh of a fresh kill.

Guttural, contemptuous and frightening, the track’s funereal pace may slow down the momentum of the record, but the directness of the lyrics is so refreshing, it reminds the listener that Peaches has always been more than a one-trick pony.

If the murderous darkness is off-putting for some, there are always saucy lyrics like, "Circle jerk girls who spray / we got a male in the middle and we bukkake / I’m feeling good on an edible / I’m out if the hole is forgettable", to balance it all out.

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