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We look at a saint and we see something in the saint’s life that reminds us of our own situation.

Doctors venerate Saints Cosmas and Damian because they were doctors.

The idea of a patron saint is as old as the Church and, as is the case with so many aspects of Catholicism, it comes to us from the Romans.

For help, Patricius turned to his patron, Romanianus, the wealthiest and most important man in the district.

After hearing Patricius’s need, Romanianus offered to subsidize Augustine’s entire education—and not at some backwater like Madaura but at the university at Carthage, the Harvard of Roman Africa.

That tiny detail did not trouble his supporters, however.

They pointed out that in his lifetime Isidore compiled a 30-volume encyclopedia of all knowledge then extant.

This encyclopedia, the dot-com Catholics said, could be regarded as the world’s first database.

At this writing, the Holy Father has not yet responded to the request to make Saint Isidore the patron of the Internet.

If today the pope were to give Saint Isidore the nod, he would be playing a game of catch-up.

Over the last three years, thanks to Web sites, chat rooms and e-mail, the enthusiasm for Saint Isidore among Catholics who work in the Internet industry and Catholics who surf the Web has made his patronage an unofficial fact.

And they had someone in mind: the learned Spanish bishop, Saint Isidore of Seville.

Because Saint Isidore died in 672, he obviously never surfed the Web.

Travelers invoke Saint Christopher because during his life he carried travelers safely across a dangerous river.

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