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Nine months after revealing to classmates that she had faked her pregnancy for a senior class project, a Washington state teenager is promoting a new book that details the experience and explores her reasons for taking on the project.Gaby Rodriguez of Toppenish, Washington, earned international headlines last April when she announced at a high school assembly that she had worn a faux baby bump for months to explore stereotypes about teen pregnancy.

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The two have an explosive relationship, which is amplified by the fact that Barbara now has permanent custody of Jace, while Jenelle has limited visitation.

Through it all, Jenelle struggles to prove herself as a mom and responsible adult, but her party girl ways keep leading her down the wrong path.

The quote reads: 'Boys are made of slugs, snails, puppy dog tails.

Girls are made of sugar, spice, all things nice.'Clearly proud of her little girl's work, Victoria posted the art on her Instagram page - but not all of her fans approved.

'Sugar and spice and all things nice' is not girl power, it's gender stereotyping and cultural rules that are telling girls what they are 'supposed' to be.

So girls shouldn't be mischievous or act out, cause they are supposed to be sweet and nice. As much as ive hated the story of bluebeard.'Mail Online has contacted representatives for Victoria Beckham and is awaiting comment.Some critics still don't understand what led her to take on the project in the first place, but Rodriguez said in a recent interview, and she hopes that they'll get that from her book, The Pregnancy Project, which was A movie about the experience, starring Spykids actress Alexa Vega, premieres January 28 on the Lifetime movie network, and Rodriguez is making numerous television and radio appearances to promote her story.'There are a lot of women who go through stuff like that and they prefer to try to forget it, but sometimes it's better to get it out,' she said, adding that the story was an important part of understanding Gaby, who was born later and has a different father.To most of her millions of Instagram fans Victoria Beckham appeared every inch the doting mother when she proudly posted a snap of her daughter Harper's artistic efforts over the weekend.', the proud mother showed her youngest child playing the drums. You may have the strongest feelings of your life, which is great when things are good. Here are six dating tips to help you keep your head during this exciting time.Some things don’t have to be shared with the whole world.

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