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If you would like to set up an automatic forward for your email so that it is sent to a different address, please see Microsoft's guide on how to forward your email in Office 365.

Please note that the link suggestions two options; Option 1 is suitable for use at the School.

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These instructions pertain to e-mail accounts hosted on the central mail server, edu.

If you don't know your server or use a different one, contact your department's system administrator or the ITS Service Desk.

Some have named it “Away message”, “Holiday notification”, “Automatic response” or something like that.

The benefit of setting it on-line is that you can close Outlook (and shutdown your computer) and people mailing you will still be getting your away-message.

This is helpful if you need to give different details to each group.

The same date and time criteria will apply equally to both groups.

Create, edit, and turn off out-of-office messages, set a time range for them to run, and set different messages for different groups.1.

OKYour Out of Office Auto-Reply will now respond to anyone who sends you email.

If your ISP doesn’t provide an Automatic Replies feature, you can create a rule that replies to all e-mails.

The downside of this, is that you’ll need to have your Outlook open all the time for the rule to process.

And, so you don’t forget that your Auto reply feature is enabled, the text Automatic Replies will be displayed on the top left corner of your Outlook client as a reminder that your Out of Office Assistant is enabled and working.

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