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“This isn’t another swipe left, swipe right online dating platform.The team has created a highly sensitive algorithm that has been designed to match people based on their answers to the full assessment,” she says.While security, safety, closeness, and comfort are certainly qualities that characterize all fulfilling relationships, without a balance of excitement, passion, adventure, risk, and yes, even a certain degree of separateness, security becomes boredom, dependability becomes indifference, intimacy becomes claustrophobia, and comfort becomes stagnation.

Introverts and extroverts, morning people and night people, impulsives and planners, steady plodders and adrenaline junkies, adventure-grabbers and security-seekers…there’s no denying the idea that something in us is drawn to people who counter some of our dominant inclinations with complementary tendencies.

And while this can create some interesting challenges for most couples, these differences are actually the source of what is considered by many to be the source of the most important aspect of any successful relationship: chemistry.

Chemistry refers to that undefinable quality that is the basis of the attraction that fuels the impulse to be drawn to another.

While the first thing that we consciously become aware of in meeting someone is their physical appearance, what determines the degree to which we find them attractive is something that is much more than skin-deep.

There is of course, a fine line between “a little scary" and frightening.

And there is a fine balance between having enough danger in a relationship to make it stimulating and to keep it from dying from a lack of excitement.

“At the same time, the algorithm is finding the perfect life, soul and ego mates; each perfect for each stage of life a single may be at.

As far as having a certain or limited number of matches per day, it is infinite at a global scale, but there are filters for local versus worldwide.” Another difference between this app and others is the price.

As most of us know, those differences can and do show up in a lot of ways.

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