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But you can move an enormous number of people very quickly.

What And that’s how a web page is made and sent to a user—somewhere in complexity between making a baby and creating a new government.

You can customize the color and add a new stereo, but it’s just a regular car underneath and there are tons of people who can fix it if it breaks.

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“broke the Internet” when it put a Jean-Paul Goude photograph of a well-oiled, mostly-nude Kim Kardashian on its cover and posted the same nude photos of Kim Kardashian to its website (NSFW). During the first week of November the is an arts, culture, celebrity, and nightlife magazine, very woven into the culture of New York City after 30 years in existence. It’s neither a big nor a small magazine — its monthly readership, including its website, is 650,000 people, according to its media kit, and it claims more than 100,000 subscribers.

It linked together all of these things—and other articles, too—under the “#breaktheinternet” to break: The part that was serving up millions of copies of Kardashian’s nudes over the web. You can’t just put Kim Kardashian nudes on the Internet and walk away —that would be like putting up a tent in the middle of a hurricane. The person at who did the getting-in-touch is named Jamie Granoff.

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A publisher’s website like Paper needs some customization. It’s basically a regular bus, but it has been designed for their needs. If you’re a massive web platform, like Facebook or Twitter—or even Buzz Feed—you’re like an airplane. Everything has to work perfectly because if something breaks down the whole thing falls from the sky.

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