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The finger of blame for radicalising students is pointed at Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which David Cameron promised to ban in opposition, and off-shoots of a fanatical group once run by preacher of hate Omar Bakri.One section warns: ‘We believe there is unambiguous evidence to indicate that some extremist organisations, notably Hizb-ut-Tahrir, target specific universities and colleges (notably those with a large number of Muslim students) with the objective of radicalising and recruiting students.’Universities UK says that universities ‘are places where ideas and beliefs can be tested without fear of control’, and that they act as a safeguard against ideologies that threaten Britain’s open society.

In a 1938 essay, Mohandas ("Mahatma") Gandhi, the spiritual and political leader of the Indian independence movement, counseled Jews in Nazi Germany to neither flee nor resist but rather offer themselves up to be killed by their enemies, since their "suffering voluntarily undergone will bring them an inner strength and joy." When all hope is lost, a Jew about to be killed "al Kiddush Hashem" – as a Jewish martyr – is indeed to reach for serenity, even happiness, at the opportunity to give up his life because of who he is.

When Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, the great Lithuanian Jewish religious leader and scholar, was murdered by Hitler's henchmen in 1941, he reportedly told the students about to be killed with him that "In Heaven it appears that they deem us to be righteous because our bodies have been chosen to atone for the Jewish people…

Ju längre bakåt i tiden, ju mer våld användes för att uppnå militära eller politiska mål. i den fantastiska Bayeuxtapeten, en 70 meter lång bonad, som skildrar normandernas erövring av England och Slaget vid Hastings 1066.

När kristendomen utsatte Nordeuropa för en andlig ockupation använde både kristna och hedningar mycket våld för att segra. Det gällde att bokstavligt förinta sin fiende och omöjliggöra senare angrepp och återslag. Under antiken grundade grekerna kolonier längs kusterna vid Medelhavet och Svarta Havet.

It's not because I am blinded by some ethnic rage over the unpleasantness of that World War II episode.

And not because I am a knee-jerk defender of Israel in whatever her leaders decide to do; I am not.

Både romarna och grekerna var europeiska kulturfolk.

Romarna lade under sig stora delar av Europa, men riket försvagades och kunde inte upprätthållas. De fick visserligen inget romerskt medborgarskap men kunde likväl föröka sig, medan nativiteten var låg bland de ledande romarna.

‘Another 15 per cent studied or achieved a vocational or further education qualification.

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