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Annie arrives, having been informed that Nicole is missing, and finds Nicole’s phone along with a photo.That night, she awakens from a bad dream and finds a photo of two pregnant women—her mother and a woman in a floral dress.

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In the final scene, which may or may not be a part of Annie’s dream, Judas’ eye opens, and he looks around.

Most horror movies either insult the audience a little by over-explaining, or they leave many elements simply unexplained (which can be a plus too.) This one actually gives you all the clues you need to put it together and get the answers.

It was tough work, but after scrolling through hundreds of station websites in every state, we have found our top 25! Either way, make sure you check out our Fan Favorite list! Legend has it that, Eric Egan’s hair is President Obama’s top adviser. Eric Egan’s hair invented the word “foodie.” Eric Egan’s hair regrets nothing — except the invention of the word “foodie.”Our nickname for Eric Egan: Eric Egan’s hair thinks you should get to know Eric before you give him a nickname… *** This University of North Carolina alum has a set of hair that would make anyone jealous. That would keep us from experiencing the awe-inspiring hair that is Rob Nelson. Our nickname for Ron Corning: “Charismatic Corning.”Twitter: @roncorning Chase Cain is a local NBC reporter in San Francisco, California. You don’t like when I end my sentences with questions, do you? Cain’s hair is the definition of “full, voluminous hair.” Do they even make combs strong enough for Chase Cain’s hair? When reached for comment, Chase answered, “An award for my hair!? I like the ‘casual act moulding paste‘ and ‘cassius cushy clay‘ depending on the mood of my hair — and the weather in San Francisco.”Our nickname for Chase Cain: “Wavey Chasey”Twitter: @Chase Cain TV This Emmy award winning journalist has done it all: reporting, anchoring, and having great hair!

It is important to note that these are not in any order! [Note: Eric’s section is best enjoyed while listening to “Rhapsody In Blue.”]We don’t know much about Eric. Perfectly shaped, cut, and styled — this veteran weekend morning anchor makes hearing bad news just a little easier to handle. Sure, he may have an Emmy and a Murrow Award, but what really sets him apart is his perfectly combed coif! It’s a simple cut, but like a simple black dress, it never goes out of style. ”Twitter: @Mike Marza If you can look away from those piercing brown eyes, you’ll find a wispy wonderland of perfect TV hair.

Creek investigates the house after finding a mysterious photo pointing to a cupboard, where there is a secret door leading into the hidden room. Desperate for answers, Annie uses a makeshift Ouija board to contact Glick, who confirms her suspicions that Glick was murdered by her uncle, the Judas killer.

Annie sees Judas come up from a secret hatch, and hides, discovering the bodies of Creek and Nicole.

When nobody else will take her seriously, she recruits her psychic friend, Stevie.

Stevie, Annie, and Stevie’s protective brother Giles go to the house.

In a motel, Annie notices the address on her phone, finding a blurred picture of a figure in a floral dress.

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