New expectations dating

Don’t pace nervously around the room, sighing for the tenth time, looking at your watch and moaning: “Are you ready, yet? Most of us were not born so naturally good-looking as you are.So sit down and wait if you’d like us to look gorgeous as hell.

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If you stop expecting the next 8 things, our whole relationships may go onto the next quality level!

Do you realize that even those “effortless, I just got out of bed look” requires hours of careful preparation – blow dry, face tone, mascara, bronzer, etc.

In brief, you should want to do things for your partner rather than feel you have to.

Let's look at this from another angle: What about expectations in a relationship?

That will likely not gonna happen until we become official.

Until you are clear about your expectations, we will continue keeping our options open!For example, if Bob has a duty not to steal from Barbar, then Barbara has a right not to be stolen from by Bob; if Barbara has a duty to help Bob (perhaps based on a promise or other commitment), Bob has a claim on Barbara's assistance.Now if Bob and Barbara (or Bob and Bill, or Barbara and Betty) are romantically involved, Bob may form expectations regarding Barbara based on obligations she has toward Bob (and vice versa).Ideally, these expectations—like obligations—arise naturally out of the nature of the relationship and the partners' understanding (hopefully discussed between them) of where the relationship is.For instance, Bob shouldn't expect complete openness and honesty, or frequent PDA or sexual contact, if the relationship has not progressed far enough for these to become reasonable expectations.Appreciate the body we have and we will love you that much more.

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