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The 42-year-old husband of Duchovny’s elegant (and pregnant) co-star, Natascha Mc Elhone, dropped dead of heart attack in May.

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"My last image of him is in the Sequoia National Park," she said "standing like a Greek god on top of a rock, videoing us all – that's what is emblazoned in my memory, and then there was this beautiful phone message I had from him, five minutes before he collapsed.

So its like there's a pause button on a tape machine that's been pressed somewhere, and I keep wondering will it ever start again?

What happened: A fellow patient "dropped a dime" on David to make some extra coin. Leoni, meanwhile, has canceled her scheduled appearance at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, where her film "Ghost Town" is set to premiere, her rep said Monday. His "X Files: I Want to Believe" has been a bust, with just $20 million in the till after a month in release.

Waiting 10 years for a sequel has proved to be a mistake. When Duchovny is done with the rehab, I’m also told that he and Tea and their kids will complete their move to Manhattan’s Upper East Side from Hollywood.

It's not like depression, which is stultifying, immovable – it's as if you're not moving through life, you're frozen." "Whereas there's something about grief that is gasping for air, like you're drowning, but you've got to find that oxygen, or you'll drown – and I'm not going to drown.

Particularly when you've got a life inside you, growing – and it's the person you love that's in you.

She is an screen, television and the stage actress known best for her performances in the American films like The Truman Show and Solaris, and most recent one called Californication. She was born to parents Noreen Mc Elhone and Mike Taylor who were both journalists by profession. She is a widow and mother to her three young children.

Mary's Hall School for Girls and graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Letters of administration are generally granted to a widow or a solicitor when a married man dies intestate, but the process of winding up an estate in such circumstances can drag on for months, even years.

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