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Over the years, they have, as a group, established social and religious networks there.The house as a place of origin is central to Tamang life and thought.The Palghar police arrested accused Haridas Yergode within an hour of the criminal act.

These rites are the most central part of a Tamang’s identity.

“The certainty of not only being able to pay lamas for the funeral recitations and rites, but also of making it possible for the family members to hold a sumptuous gheewa (wake) gave these women a great feeling of security.

Going off to Mumbai to earn a living as a sex worker is fully accepted by the other people in the women’s home villages.

Tamang women have been migrating to Mumbai for decades.

Other women might invest their savings in a general store, a small guesthouse or a tea shop in or close to their village.

“They could look forward to a quieter and safer life than the heavy work in the fields that was the lot of other women.”The women earmarked substantial parts of their savings for their own funeral rites.“In other words, the relationships with the clients were more complex than is usually allowed for as regards sex workers and their customers,” states Susanne Åsman.It was common for clients to become the friends, boyfriends and even husbands of the women.“On their return, these women were often described as ‘draped in gold’,” reveals Susanne Åsman.They were also very attractive marriage propositions.Mumbai: A 20-year-old girl from Vashi lost her life when she refused to have sex with her Facebook friend.

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