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Now, if you're thinking romance, look to your mobile phone.

Match-making companies are creating new services that allow people to post their dating profile online and then automatically receive a text message on a GPS-enabled phone when a match is nearby, say, at a coffee shop around the corner.

With over one million users, the service hosts one of the largest and most popular location-based dating apps on the i Phone Android markets.

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These so-called "tech natives" have grown up with a variety of different communication methods.

"They have more tools at their disposal and aren't intimidated by technology itself," Golvin said.

Younger mobile users have moved well beyond voice when it comes to their phones, he said.

For instance, more than three in four of them use text messaging (versus one in four adults) and nearly half of them use their phones to instant message.

(A feature of the service lets you designate "crushes" online -- they're then alerted to your location when you're nearby.)"People hook up in bars all the time.

You don't need text messaging to do that," he said."I use Dodgeball from work, home, wherever."Leading online dating site offers a mobile service that allows members to look for romance on-the-go.They can send text messages to people who match their profile, but there isn't a location-based feature that alerts them when someone is nearby.Some companies even offer services such as homing devices to alert users when another user is within thirty feet of one another.In Alps OKCupid introduced its geo-location app to help users keep watch for local singles.Dodgeball then relays their location to the friends in their network, also via a text message.

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