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But Harold insisted that we settle in a fashionable penthouse apartment in the City and use the maid service provided by the Building; I mean, really, those so-called “maids” were little more than cleaning ladies and waitresses.For clothing, Harold felt that a Thousand Dollars a Month should be sufficient for me, even though I argued that at that rate it would take me months to get up a really nice wardrobe and years to accumulate a decent jewelry collection.

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In the meantime, could I pay the legal fees in advance?

With no income from Harold, I had to pawn most of my jewelry and sell my car to meet expenses while I looked for a job.

Harold wasn’t actually tight with his money, he just didn’t believe in throwing it around needlessly.

For instance, I wanted a big house, with lots of servants, including a cute little personal maid for myself.

I finally got him to agree to an additional Grand per Month for “incidentals”, like Beauty Treatments, Spa visits and such, but he countered thin by flatly insisting that I would be limited to one new car a year.

All this might have been more bearable if Harold had taken more time to spend with me, and we had gone to lots of parties, theater openings, and perhaps a few long cruises, but Harold disappointed me there, too.

Harold had arranged it so that he didn’t have to pay a nickel toward supporting me while we were getting the divorce, and I had signed one of those pre-nuptial agreements, stating that I wasn’t interested in alimony.

My attorney looked things over and told me that my best bet was to try and delay the divorce hearing as long as possible while he looked for some loop-hole, and maybe Harold would get impatient and agree to pay me a little something just to get rid of me.

Anywhere I applied, a phone call would follow, full of hints, lies, and veiled threats.

And the prospective employer would politely tell me that the position had been filled.

I’m tall, almost six feet, but definitely well-proportioned with long legs, nice ass, slender waist, flat tummy, and a pair of 38-D titties that are incredibly firm and well-shaped.

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