Meagan good dating 2016

“Abstinence is simply refraining from sex; it’s the absence of something with no greater meaning behind it.

Whether it's getting in the gym a different way, pursuing something in your career or spending time with your family that you haven't spent with them."The "Think Like A Man" franchise actress revealed that while she was waiting for her husband, she also had some healing to do."For me, a lot of that time was time that needed to be spent putting into perspective what I needed to deal with to change myself.

A lot of that, for me, was healing that had to take place from past relationships, from childhood, and just really getting a better sense of self awareness," she admitted.

It made me better at my career."When it comes to Christian men and dating, Franklin refuses to broadly generalize issues with matters of the heart.

While Franklin remained celibate for 10 years before getting married to Good, other men may have struggles waiting for their bride.

Show me how to stay positive and open minded so that I can see where you want to bring my person from."The preacher and motivational speaker went on to encourage people not to allow frustration to "disrupt their prayer life, their faith life and to focus on what they want."In their book, the couple delves deeper into practical things to do while waiting for God to bring a spouse who will exchange "I do" with you.

Instead of obsessing about when you will find lasting love, Good said it is important to obsess about yourself, your relationship with God and growing."Become obsessed with the person that you ultimately need to be before you can invite things such as marriage into your life.

I think in that time it's really about spending time with God and dealing with whatever demons, damage or things that you've been through that you haven't really dealt with," she said.

"I think it's a time of exploration to do the things that you never did before.

Why not share that if it can bless someone else and maybe make all the difference in the world for someone else as well?

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