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When browned on both sides, remove the patties to the prepared baking sheet.

Repeat with remaining burgers, butter, garlic and thyme.

One maiden name brings a whole new set of ancestors and their stories into focus....

Updates: These states have been updated with more information and are now easier to navigate.

Her food there is often described as poetic, with intricately landscaped dishes that feed the mind as much as the body. Roast chicken and whole fish Provencal are staples, nods to her native France that are usually accompanied by gorgeous California salads. The evening starts around the kitchen island with Champagne cocktails, Crenn's take on the classic French 75.

It's also a balancing act - Katherine has been following a largely gluten- and lactose-free diet for more than 20 years. Because Atelier Crenn does not have a full liquor license, she makes "gin" by macerating juniper berries and herbes de Provence in sake, then creates a foam out of the mixture as a Champagne topper.

Searching for maiden names in old marriage records should be one of the first priorities of all genealogy research.

Half of our ancestors were women that changed their surname when they married.

Place a large skillet over medium-high to high heat and lightly coat with the oil.

Add half the burgers and sear, adding half the butter, half the garlic and 1 sprig thyme to the skillet as you are searing.

Conversation is robust, a shade of academia mixed with Gloria Steinem.

On the menu is a burger bar - lamb patties topped with a heaping mounds of marrow and sheep's feta cheese; gluten-free buns slathered with plum sauce.

Cutting through the fat is the salad and a colorful bowl of pickled baby tomatoes.

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