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I did for her sake and then told her I would voice my concerns in a civilized manner. I do not know how you hire your employees, but whatever you are doing is awesome!They maintained professionalism despite being treated so badly.

A snowstorm stranded commuters in 1982 and drove them towards the only hospitable place around – Long Horn. We went in about 9 pm came back out to our vehicle broken into and all our belongs taken of value.

From there the restaurant gained recognition and began to be successful. In 2007 Long Horn was acquired by Darden Restaurants, the owner of Olive Garden and Red Lobster. We had money and our items from business in the car …..

I’m sure she’s probably writing you to complain, but I had a front row seat, and she was out of line! We told the person we have not gotten our salad yet.

Reply Received coupon from email for Flo’s Fillet only good for offer per party Keep it IHave dinner with my wife 1meal doesn’t cut it I would rather not get coupon then this agivation I used to enjoy your restaurant but will no longer patronize I see why guests only rate 2stars on reviews Soon it will be no more Longhorn Steakhouse Reply We stoped by the Longhorns Steakhouse 4820 E Southport rd, Indianapolis, Indiana on October 31 , 2017. The waitres came back and said oh you never got your salad.

Reply We called in a take out order to Your River heights dr. Even with the tardy ness of the meal I still tipped the waiter $5 for the takeout.

I am not a mean person…but when you pay that much for a meal.In my opinion, she is a miserable person and isn’t satisfied until she makes everyone else miserable.She took everything out on the staff last night and they handled it with grace.Unfortunately my meal and my husbands meal were not up to standards according to what I am use to at longhorns. We frequently visit longhorns but this was by far the worst experience.I wanted to send the two prime rib dinners back because it had so much fat on it and we could barely taste the seasoning but my husband asked me to enjoy myself. I couldn’t finish my meal because by the time I got finished picking on the prime rib it became cold.This person lied to everyone who tried to make her evening enjoyable saying she wanted an apology and nobody gave her one. I heard every single person come to her table apologize, ask her what they could do to meet her expectations and she was never satisfied!

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