Manually updating windows xp pirated

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I was working on someone's computer last week, and suspected that some of the software on it may have been pirated.

One area that I have a question about relates to Windows Update.

Answer to part one of your question: no it does not diable the service.

Answer to part two of your question: there are a lot of reasons for Automatic Updates to fail. Do any versions (OEM, Retail, other) of Windows XP Pro have the automatic updates service disabled when you first install them.

I tried the windows update site, and it would not work.

Come to find out, the reason was because the automatic updates service was disabled. Is disabling the automatic updates service a tactic used to make pirated copies of Windows work -- like in order to be able to install SP1?You can of course change the status of this service.3. I did a validation check on the software at one point, and it reported that the cd-key was invalid."You may be running across issues with the "Genuine Advantage" program.Do any of the Windows Updates, that you get, disable the automatic updates service? "Does SP1 make changes to the automatic updates service? But subsequent Hotfixes and Service Packs will move you to the V5 version of Windows Update, soon to be called Microsoft Update as it reflects a larger update surface than just the OS.5. Microsoft has permitted, for an indefinite period of time, security updates for illegal copies. I DO know that the windows update site now requires installation of validation software. Hi Bill, yes, I have turned off my Automatic Update Service... Reason, I like to know what I update and when I update...But any hotfixes related to XP, and other offerings for Microsoft software such as Office, may well be impossible at the moment. I have already validated my LEGAL version of windows xp home through activation at least 4X. Running programs like XP-Clean, Anti Spy XP, will turn this Service and others [email protected] Ar18 - try installing SP2, if the Key is known to MS, then the Up Date to SP2 will fail... If it doesn't use a sledgehammer..." I also have the automatic updates turned SP2 has a liscence check build into it..times V4 of Windows Update will not function correctly, I have read this somewhere, on some PC's, solution to this is something like just changing the V4 to V5/V6 in the URL... However, that does not disable the automtaic updates service.Look at large universities-they give corp out to thousands of students.

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