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This is a simple and obvious one, so check first to make sure your connection to the internet is working.

Visit a website you go to often (a search website such as Google or Bing will work).

As stated, these hiccups rarely do happen, but when they do it is nice to know that mac OS includes features capable of working them out.

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If you are using native time synchronization software, turn off VMware Tools periodic time synchronization.

Regardless of whether you turn on VMware Tools periodic time synchronization, time synchronization occurs after certain operations: When the operating system starts or reboots, and when you first turn on periodic time synchronization, synchronization can be either forward or backward in time.

If you are positive that the install is indeed frozen, you will want to take the following steps, and the following steps consecutively after this step, until the issue is resolved.

Let’s try to give the install a little kick by refreshing it.

If the update still won’t complete, we can download mac OS from the Internet and give the install another shot.

Instead of trying to fix the existing hiccup, we would be effectively starting over with the update.

If this doesn’t appear, still let the update sit for a while.

Some users have reported their update taking upwards of ten hours.

For other events, synchronization is forward in time.

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