Luann lesseps dating while married how to prevent teen dating

, with many of the ladies being pretty critical of how much Luann has been dating in the wake of her divorce from the Count seven years ago.

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Things started to unravel in last week’s episode when they argued over f-bombs.

Heather called Luann out for being a hypocrite – rightfully so – and in the final day of Turks and Caicos things erupt over who brought a man to the house and left him unattended in the middle of the night.

That seems to be a common factor in Luann's relationships; she's mastered remaining friends with an ex.

After that, Luann started seeing a software developer from Denver named Sean Rooney, whom she met under unusual circumstances: they were introduced by Steve Harvey on his show.

But based on Heather’s most-recent People interview – guess not!

“It’s unfortunate,” muses Heather, “because I really considered Luann a friend.

Lu Ann Found Her Soulmate Because Lu Ann really just wanted to talk about Lu Ann, she quickly changed the topic to her new boyfriend.

"I can't even believe this," she began with a smile.

“I guess what she’s saying with ‘Don’t count out the Countess’ is that after a demotion on the show, she’s found her legs again and came back with a vengeance.” CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR THE REST!

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