Lotus domino calendar error validating user

You can do both scheduled and cluster replication of it to be sure data is safely sent off box as quickly and reliably as possible. A: You do not need to set up both but some folks find they need it.

Q: Our practice is as you describe - A comment earlier runs counter to this. Others find that normal cluster replication is all they need.

06/09/2005 PM Sched Mgr: Error processing calendar profile document (Note ID: NT000020FA) in database maildjohnson.nsf: Cannot find user in Domino Directory 06/09/2005 PM Error validating user Debbie Johnson/wsi while processing calendar appointment (Note ID: NT00003BB6) in database maildjohnson.nsf: Cannot find user in Domino Directory The errors are quite simple. Her mail database is still active, but her person document does not exist in the Domino Directory.

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It will be the same for all meeting participants' copies of the meeting.

Then, you can search the hidden $APPTUNID view for that value and delete all documents returned in the search results. Q: Are there best practices on accepting meeting to a certain length. A: No best practices but - common sense says not to create meetings out past your retirement date. We have an issue where Out of Office messages only go out after 4 PM.

I am troubleshooting a resource reservation database we are using in a clustered environment For some reason the resources are not added into the clubusy database. Ok, I re-did the whole process of deleting the clubusy files on both servers, what happend now was that the resources was added to clubusy on server1 and all users was added to clubusy on server2.

I can see the resources in the resource database and in but not in the clubusy database so when I try to make a reservation from the resource database or from my mailfile I get the error The following command tell sched show "CN=Resource/O=Location" result in the following: Sched Mgr: User Resource/Location not found in schedule database any ideas? The cluster replication for some reason did not replicate so I needed to setup a normal replication for this. Some of the fields are not matching with same type of meeting room.

On May 15, 2013, members of the IBM Notes Calendaring and Scheduling team shared their tips and tricks when troubleshooting repeating meetings, busytime and resource reservations.

Attendees were given an opportunity to ask a panel of experts some questions.

The call was recorded and slides were made available.

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