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Deep down, I wanted her to make love with him on our wedding anniversary night; for some strange reason, I found that incredibly hot.“Baby, you should sleep at his house next Wednesday,” I told her.

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I called her at lunchtime and she thanked me for allowing them to use our bed last night. She told me that, she had an amazing time and that Chris fucked her hard, just for me.

She asked me how difficult it was for me, seeing him in our bed this morning and I told her that it was surprisingly okay; kind of hot!

That can’t happen; I am black owned and only a black cock goes in me.”“I know it can’t happen baby, but you should still be fucked.”“Don’t worry baby, Chris will fuck me extra hard, just for you.”I suddenly had an idea.“Baby, you should be fucked in the matrimonial bed on our anniversary.”“How could that happen, baby? I’m sure that people were talking about her tattoo; she didn’t seem to care though, and as we reached our street, she text Chris to tell him to meet us at our house.

”“Well, I could sleep in the guest room and Chris could make love to you in our bed.”“You would allow that? He was waiting as we pulled into the driveway.“Happy anniversary,” Chris welcomed us.

Instead of me staying at his house, we can stay here?

In our bed.”“Sure babe, I love knowing that you are home;” I went on, “even if you are in bed with Chris.”She took my hand and, under the covers, she pulled my hand up and under her long tee shirt.” Christy asked, “I know that you would love to fuck me next Wednesday.”“Yes, I would! ”I was praying for her not to give in and have sex with me, and she kept strong.“I know that you really want to fuck me on our anniversary, and you should, but it can’t happen, baby, you know that, don’t you?”“I guess so, but it is our anniversary.”I was trying to make it seem like I was begging for her to make love with me.“I know it is baby, and I know that you want to have sex with me; but you know, that can’t happen, don’t you; I couldn’t have sex with you.”She didn’t disappoint me, she kept strong and I was in heaven.“I know baby, I thought that maybe we would as it is our anniversary.”“I know baby, but we can’t, you know that, don’t you? Christy hugged and kissed me for over five minutes.“Thank you, sweetheart, I would love that! In our bed.”“Yes, I am sure baby; our bed should have sex in it on our anniversary night.”On the day of our anniversary, we went out for a meal to celebrate; she looked amazing in a little black dress that tied around her neck; this allowed her spade tattoo to be clearly on show.Our wedding anniversary was the following Wednesday, and I had worked it out that, this was the day that she slept at Chris’s house.I talked to her about it and she asked me if I wanted to change the plans so that she would be with me on that night.I knocked on our bedroom door and she called me in, it was erotically strange seeing Chris lying in our bed next to her.

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