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However, it was revealed she was just misunderstood and framed by Alison.

An innocent-acting Alison claimed it was not true, and, when the final decision was up to her, decided that her sister had to go, which was allegedly for the safety of everyone.

In the outcome, Ali's master plan worked: Courtney was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

The Day-Di Laurentis family moved to Rosewood (changing their last name to simply "Dilaurentis"), and Courtney was placed at the Radley, a mental institute.

She occasionally came home on the weekends, but was forced to stay in the house, as the Di Laurentis family pretended they only had two children - Jason and Alison.

The Liars heard Alison maliciously yelling at her sister, although it was believed Courtney was the one yelling.

Courtney had stolen Alison's "A-is-for-Ali" ring and she pretended she was her sister, lamenting about her flag already being stolen and discussing what she drew on it.When she took over her sister's life, her personality morphed into Ali's.She became calculating, cruel and secretive, turning into a manipulative bitch as time progressed.Instead, she deliberately got in a 'fight' with Naomi and Riley and dumped them, making them uncool.She set her eyes on the four girls she talked to in her backyard, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily.Her mother Jessica, believing she was the real Ali, came out to tell her that she was leaving.

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