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There are few cities with as much character (and as many single men) as Baltimore.

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Barbecue, boogie and burning love will only enhance your Memphis experience as you search for your perfect Southern gentleman.

Beale Street will become your new favorite place, with countless food and entertainment options.

You and your partner can enjoy the art at any of the museums or a baby panda at the National Zoo.

In such a diverse city, both you and your relationship will thrive.

Even the art is as fun as the rest of River City, so you’re sure to enjoy your new home and your new man.

Take your positive can-do attitude with you to Charlotte, where you will find four beautiful seasons, Southern hospitality and plenty of bachelors.

cities, including the total numbers, the percentage of men, the percentage of women, the amount of single men, the amount of single women, the unemployment rate, the amount of people who have college degrees and more.

If you can’t find love here, you can always walk across the bridge and try your luck in Juárez.

Despite its proximity to Dallas, Fort Worth has a culture and history all its own that both you and your cowboy will just adore.

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