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Get down and look them and see if there is any unusual wear, bulges in the sidewall or anything sticking into them.

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Ideally you should be putting in dry air or even nitrogen but that can be an expensive option.

As long as the ambient air is dry that should be perfectly fine.” On average, a sport motorcycle’s front tire can last 3,700 miles and 1,800 miles for a rear before both need to be changed.

Christine, who blogs on "Christine's Corner", is thinking about selling her Harley, feeling as if she needs to find a greater calling in life.

She mentioned to her friends about quitting her riding hobby, and then one of them responded that it's not a hobby, but a lifestyle. Deciding to ride or not ride doesn't change me or my values or the way I will choose to live my life. I work in an industry--as like the majority of the folks that do motorcycle--that has nothing to do with motorcycling.

READ MORE: Wobbly Wheels Suck - How to Balance Motorcycle Tires “We also recommend that you read your owner’s manual that came with your bike to see what the recommended tire pressures should be,” said Tennent.

“But if you don’t have a manual you can sometimes find it marked on the sticker on a bike’s swing arm.The biker lifestyle is about freedom, the freedom of the road, and being free to go whereever. Living the biker lifestyle is like being a vagabond on two-wheels, travelling around the country, and never really staying in one place. It's about waking up one morning and not knowing where you'll be sleeping. In effect you are compromising your tires, the way your bike handles and possibly your safety.“The best way to achieve the ride you want is to adjust the suspension.There are some people that do this, but it's very rare. Others think that going to rallies and runs and partying with bikers means living the lifestyle.

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