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The families are extremely organized and have raised the funds to pay for a skilled mason to help with the construction.

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Six teachers serve 134 children in just two classrooms.

With an increasing population in the area, Rio Chiquito is hoping to build 3 to 4 additional classrooms and refurbish the existing classrooms.

The students reached out to friends from other college campuses including Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia, both of which would establish chapters of SHH.

The band of students raised $110,000 by the end of the semester, earning Buffett's matching grant for a combined total of over $210,000.

The design of the homes and the entire village was based on drawings made by the villagers.

The village will also include a community center usable for church gatherings or town meetings, land for farming and sustainable businesses, a well, a library, eco-friendly waste management system, electricity, and most importantly, a soccer field.

Students and adults travel to Honduras in groups to assist with construction, build relationships with the local residents and witness the conditions in which they live.

Respectively, these three activities facilitate most of the progress of the organization, by: (a) shortening the project completion time; (b) building trust and fidelity between the villagers and the organization; and (c) stoking passion within trip participants to support those villagers upon returning to the United States.

Las Flores elementary and middle school was founded in the 1960s in the deep banana fields of El Progreso.

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