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The one certainty in unpredictable North Korea was that if the state detonated a nuclear device or former leader Kim Jong-il visited a duck farm, Ri Chun-hee would have been on TV boasting about the amazing accomplishment.

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The price for a North Korean woman named Kim Eun-sun, her mother, and her sister to escape to China was 2,000 Chinese yuan, slightly more than $300.

Like thousands of North Korean women before them, they crossed the Tumen River into China and met a woman who said she would help them escape – only to discover that they’d been sold to a Chinese farmer who wanted a wife.“A lot of women come to China not knowing what they are getting into,” says Ms.

By now it’s possible you’ve listened to Adele’s “Hello” so many times that you can’t even fathom the thought of hearing it again (I speak from experience), but this update on the instant classic is worth diving right back in for.

A Korean high-school student at the Seoul Music High School got together with a friend to record a video cover of “Hello,” and if it’s even humanly possible, she sounds more convinced of her pain than Adele does.

Slightly more than 30 percent of the 242 victims of the 169 convicted offenders were younger than 13, with one man convicted of raping a seven-year-old child.

Although 133 of the 169 offenders did not know their victims, there were three cases of incest on the list.The list included two civil servants and six women.By occupation, 21 percent were unemployed, 19 percent were white-collar workers, and 17 percent were small business owners.The newscasters sometimes stumbled on words, while the ones in North Korea are never allowed to, or they’ll get fired.” Ri lives in Pyongyang with her husband, children and grandchildren, the magazine story said.“Ri Chun-hee with her microphone in hand, blessed by the leader, is still with her viewers today looking not a day older than before she was married,” it said.Mongolian soldiers found them and delivered them to the South Korean Embassy in Ulan Bator whence they were flown to Seoul.

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