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Having such a quick and easy kit eliminates all of that worrying,” said Stripp.

The machine is accessible to anyone during the sauna’s opening hours and staff have been trained to offer support and advice.

They were all between the ages of 18 and 59, and to meet participant conditions, had to have reported at least six uses of club drugs before or during sex in the prior three months to being surveyed.

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"With ecstasy, my body sensations are just all in full effect," one 23-year-old participant said. "I hold the person even more; the kisses are more conducive; the warmth is there.

"Getting touched, just anything kind of stimulates it." 3. It doesn't have to be penetration necessarily or any type of copulation."4. This is where things get into dangerous and bad territory.

MFF said it planned to roll out 10 more machines at gay venues across Brighton, which has the second highest prevalence of HIV in Britain after London.

Of 6,095 people in Britain newly diagnosed with HIV in 2015, 54 percent were gay and bisexual men, according to Department of Health data.

That said, here are the six big ways MDMA affects sex.1.

Ecstasy doesn't necessarily make you want to have a nonstop bone session.The kits dispensed by the touchscreen machine allow for more privacy and help reduce anxiety as traditional testing methods can take a few days to arrive, he said.“You’re left waiting and it nags that you might get a bad result.Also, you just sorta fall in love with everything and everyone around you. "For the length of time you're high, you sort of fall in love with everyone you're having sex with," said one 45-year-old participant. Because you're less inhibited on ecstasy, participants found they were attracted to people they wouldn't be attracted to sober.Other participants said the feeling was "more romantic or whatever," and said they feel like they're in love with the people who are taking ecstasy with them.5. "I get a lot more flirty when I'm on it and I'm just like, 'OK, I need to hook up now,'" said one 20-year-old participant. "I think my standards get lowered a lot when I'm on ecstasy," said one 19-year-old participant.Instructions on how to seek help are also included in the kit, which costs significantly less than in-clinic tests.

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