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After years apart, Xscape will be reuniting for a four-part special with the working title of “Xscape: Still Kickin’ It” this fall from Bravo Media.

With three platinum albums and 10 consecutive top songs on the Billboard 100, Xscape dominated the charts in the 1990s as a girl group, but abruptly broke up and left fans with questions.

The new episodes will premier Monday, July 10 at 10/9c.

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Right.” Gosselin and ex-husband Jon’s divorce was finalized in 2009.

She’s done other reality TV, appearing on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and competing on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2010.

Daughter Mady offered, “I think it’s good for her to find a husband so she doesn’t die alone.” Joel was a tad gentler, saying, “Finally little birdy has sprouted wings and flown the nest.” Meanwhile, challenges aside, pal Deanna was dead set on making Kate’s date a success, perhaps because she was looking for a potential spinoff show. Living in New York City, Vann resides where there is quite literally a man shortage.

Despite the plethora of single women to choose from in the Big Apple, Vann decided on none other than Kate Gosselin, mother-of-eight from Pennsylvania (that’s a red flag, ladies).

“He’s very good looking,” Deanna reassured Kate of her potential new man.

“I told him you were a very hot blonde…with 8 kids.” Kate’s blind date was with Vann, an “interesting” man who shared Kate’s love of the “open waters,” but didn’t live in Pennsylvania, which forced Kate (and Deanna) to take a town car to New York City for the occasion. Before the night out, the so-called “monster” mom’s brood of eight expressed their opinions on her potential coupling.In any case, Vann and Kate took a helicopter ride over Manhattan, where Kate stuck to worldly topics like, “Oh the Statue of Liberty!I once took a boat around that,” or “I think there was a navy ship I visited in North Carolina.” She pretty much nailed it.Then, the pair went to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant in the city.Always the charmer, Kate laid some great lines on Vann the Navy Man.Outside the restaurant, Kate was awkward, even for her.

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