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The data on American Jews was drawn from a 2013 Pew study, and compared to the recent findings on Israelis.

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And yet, 48% of Jewish Israelis said they were in favor, 46% were opposed, and 6% said they didn’t know.

Breaking it down into religious groups, the Modern Orthodox (the report uses the Hebrew term ), were the most likely to support such a measure, at 71%.

Meanwhile, a majority of Arab citizens – 77 percent — said the US was “too supportive” of Israel.

Some 86% of Christians, 76% of Druze, and 75% of Muslims feel this way.

Nearly half of Jewish Israelis agree that Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel, and a solid majority (79 percent) maintain that Jews in Israel should be given preferential treatment, according to a Pew Research Center in Israel survey published on Tuesday.

The poll, with 5,601 in-person interviews of Israeli adults, conducted between October 2014 and May 2015, found that Israeli Jews increasingly believe the West Bank settlements help, rather than hurt, Israel’s security – and most (61%) believe Israel was given by God to the Jewish people.This poll marked a deep decline in Arab Israeli faith in the two-state solution, from 74% in 2013, to 64% after peace talks broke down in 2014, to 50% after the 2014 Gaza war.The Pew study also cited an annual Haifa University poll that asked Arab Israelis whether the two-state solution should be the guiding principle to end the conflict, but not whether it was possible.The differences were largely divided along partisan lines, with 81% of left-wing participants maintaining the settlements are damaging, 62% of right-wing respondents saying they are helpful, and centrists divided equally on whether it helps, hurts, or makes no difference (32% for each).Asked to place themselves on a political scale, some 55% of Israelis identified as centrist, 37% as right-wing, and 8% as left-wing.Some 43% of Israeli Jews believe Israel and a Palestinian state can coexist peacefully side-by-side, while 45% do not, and 13% say it “depends.” Those who identified as left-wing were far more likely to believe in the two-state solution (86%), than those on the right (29%) and those in the center (46%).

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