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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I'd wait a couple of more dates then have a talk with her about where this is going.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... If thing go exclusive great, but you should be keeping your options open as well. I suppose you could call it insecurity, but ive known girls to give all the right indications and then go off with someone else.

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However, if your present goals are to bang as many women as possible, you need to step back a bit from this one and find at least one other girl you can work on, and ideally start banging ASAP. She should be wondering if you're seeing other girls (she doesn't need to know, but you HAVE to imply that you could). You have to imply that you're willing to lose her in order to keep her attracted.

Remember, it's still Summer, but the smart squirrel isn't waiting until Fall to start stashing away as many acorns as possible for the long Winter ahead. If a girl wants strange dick, she'll get it regardless of what she says. Just means that given the right conditions (guaranteed anonymity) and a a guy with enough relative value to you (Brad Pitt), she'll have her legs at quarter to three faster than you can say " I miss you." The hamster will rationalize it away given a high enough difference in value. Simple Answer: NO Reason: Makes you look insecure, puts pressure on her, could potentially scare her away, get her hamster spinning.

We haven't had any "talk" or claimed exclusivity though she's asked me to do things with her in future like go to a college football game a month away.. I suspect she may be with her old boyfriend or some guy while she's there.

for example..usually texts back pretty quick...this morning about ish......

We've only gone on 3 dates technically, but we have talked on the phone for HOURS (sometimes 3 or 4 hours a day). There is nothing wrong with thinking like this as it is a good safety mechanism for when dates don't work out, but it's not reality.

But for example, after the 2nd date we went back to her place and snuggled and made out a little bit. So the question is, should I ask about her dating other people? she seems to like u just give her some time to feel comfortable just being with u Most guys feel this way when they first start dating someone from an online service, they try to translate it into the ideal scenario of exclusiveness and when that doesn't fit their view they feel something is wrong.

We talked for a few weeks on the phone for many hours a night before we met. I've never had this issue when dating someone else who was also dating around.

No, you should not ask her about dating other people. The fact is, there is nothing wrong with her dating other people until she has committed to someone and you should be doing the same.

But...this it's getting later in the day...may not. Is it cool to ask a girl you've been banging that you like this question without being "beta" or "too possessive"? I do have other girls in the pipeline..kinda like this one. This is the kind of subject girls bring up if they want to be exclusive with you. I would stop messaging her too, at least for a couple of days, unless she initiates contact. Sounds like you're getting feelings for her, and she's more than a bang to you.

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